Quest for Maleness:<br/><span style="font-size:1em">Intelligent Cooperation</span>

Quest for Maleness:
Intelligent Cooperation

By Arzhan Surazakov, December 11, 2015

Am I, are we, as males, providing a clear lead in initiating intelligent cooperation in all areas of life?

What makes life possible?

A bee collecting pollen whilst fertilising flowers?

A husband and wife creating a family?

Atoms of hydrogen and oxygen bonding together to make life sustaining water...?

Quite simply, it is intelligent cooperation!

It is a way of relating when each party can discriminate between what it NEEDS and what it should AVOID (being intelligent) - whilst striving together, in a mutually uplifting way (co-operating).

As a scientist, when I look at this concept, the implications of ALL forms of life having their own intelligence, their own sense of purpose and their own evolution are most profound!! Instead of us being the sole intelligence ruling the planet, we are pedaling on a bicycle in the middle of a busy intersection with traffic in all directions! Ha!

Compared with a bee, a human being may seem to be almighty and super smart! But a bee colony possesses an extremely advanced intelligence that has been evolving on this planet for over 100 million years!!

So how can we just plainly ignore the evolutionary paths and the purposes of the different life forms that surround us, give us food and shelter, including the very vessel that we call a human body?

Obviously to our peril, we can pretend not to see the natural order and impose our will on it. Such has been our short collective history under the banner of "conquering the forces of nature" in medicine, agriculture, mining, industry and human relationships over the last few centuries :(

The problem with forceful manipulation is that it is inevitably short-lived - and to maintain it, one needs to spend escalating amounts of time and energy.

Therefore such controls WILL end in a crushing collapse!!

The question for me is, as a male, am I, are we, as males, providing a clear lead in initiating intelligent cooperation in all areas of life?

With warmth,

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