<span style="font-size:0.9em">Unveiling the Mysteries of the Female:</span><br/><span style="font-size:0.8em">I CAN HANDLE EVERYTHING ON MY OWN!</span>

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Female:

By Jana Uhrinová, January 27, 2016

I am tired of being “the tough cookie” in a sense of “I can handle everything on my own” .

In my childhood I was always around boys, men, or they were around me LOL. My choice, of course! And the way I was trying to fit in with them was either behaving like them, or when I perceived I needed to, I manipulated! Now I understand a lot about why I was doing this. And I am digging deeper and deeper to change this now I am an adult.

But this is not a female being truly confident and understanding her role in life, I feel.... And I have been having problems to express and show, and firstly live, my female side.

I started my journey of inner learning 6 years ago and during this time, I attended the "Mysteries of the Female" course. This course was and has been a turning point for me. Since then I have been striving to break some inner resistance... it feels like for a long time!

I feel a very strong need to understand how to connect deeper with my inner female side - and also I would love to use it in such a way that I am aware of what I am doing. Doing it in a life supportive way! I feel a need to soften.

This is the first time I am truly experiencing this "softness" as a need. I am tired of being “the tough cookie” in a sense of “I can handle everything on my own” .

This does not mean that I want to play at being help-less or behave help-lessly - been there done that! smile emoticon - but I want to soften my rough edges; to strive to feel and also to live like a true female.

Going back in time to my family environment I can also see why I picked up all the behaviour that I did. I can see what has been supporting me to get to where I am at now, what I have learned. Now I feel I need to cross a line to get somewhere where it is more exciting!

I need to get there by using my feelings, listening to my heart - and not knowing quite what it is I need to be doing to get there... I am hoping this Workshop will be the key!

With softness,
Jana Uhrinová

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