After 25 years of facilitatingrelationships courses of all kinds,and 7 hugely successfulResidential Retreats,my team and I are excited toinvite you to join us for ourFirst ISM Global Online Retreat!

The theme for the Retreat:Freedom& Change

In this unprecedented time, if we have approached it with humility and understanding, we will have embraced whatever came our way with a “heartfelt willingness not to give up, not to stop fighting, not to complain, not to become arrogant, not to become defensive, not to become closed, not to try to separate from life”!

In this way we will have learned much, and we will feel fulfilled. If we have thought we know better than life, then we will now have realised that this way to fulfillment has not worked. To have humility and understanding implies we need to embrace any challenge coming our way!

In particular, we are being called upon to CHANGE! So far, we have been forced to appreciate the little things in life. We have been knelt when arrogant, tremendously supported when what we do is life supportive.

But… and… has your ”lockdown mode” now become inertia? Do you need a shake up? Do you feel the social un-rest all around the world? The stage has already been set for us for change. However, our minds are creatures of adaptation and thus we need to guard against adapting to current circumstances without claiming the learning.

This needs an approach of natural simplicity. Quite simply, this means that we need to cast off that old self-image of ours that trips us up again and again. This is all about turning inwards, learning that our inner being is simplicity itself. It requires maturity, a fluidity in our perception of life unfolding, a shifting of the focus from winning or losing to striving to learn about ourselves.

Will you have the fun, maturity and humility to “Surf the waves as IMPECCABLY as you can, and EN-JOY your-SELF whilst doing so, even though MANY times your-self will be battling like all hell to stay on that surfboard!? Or will you have that arrogance that causes us to indulge in sulking like petulant children?”

This takes strength, because if we DO embrace our fate in learning – with humility and understanding and, therefore, no pity – then we start to learn what we all long for – how to give and how to receive love. The prize of walking a Path with Heart.

What do we mean by “strength”?

We are constantly surrounded by life and therefore by guidance, but we need to embrace this with the heart and not with the mind. If we have the strength, which implies personal power, to listen to and to act upon the heart then of course, we must and will bring about that type of completion within all of our endeavours that allows for bringing about the new.

What do we mean by “personal power”?

The only power there is is the product of perception, and only you can bring about that perception. Only you can change that perception, and only you can enhance or diminish that perception, purify it or taint it, clarify it or distort it. In other words, you already hold within your hands all the power you need in order to bring about within your life anything and everything you wish for.

The only thing you need to do is to claim the power that is already yours. Once you have taken ownership of what you already have, more and more power is generated of its own accord.

Workings of the Retreat

I interact with participants at the Retreats based on what is most pressing in your life in the moment. In this way you can gain practical insight into why your life is unfolding as it is, and with the support of my team and your Retreat group you will then be given the necessary tools and feedback with which to handle your challenges effectively and thereby, not only gaining personal power, but also uplifting yourself and all around you.

Vision – Global Retreats

In this age of science and technology there is enough proof that our levels of stress are directly proportional to the amount of support that we do or do not have in our lives to balance out this stress. The more we isolate ourselves and lose connection with others the more dis-stress we experience.

To facilitate connection, warmth and camaraderie that are sorely lacking in our world, our vision at ISM is to host two global ISM Retreats per annum. These Retreats will be open to anyone to join us. You do not need first to have completed an ISM course. We would love for you to join us.

The Retreats are experiential in nature and we provide a theme for the Retreat beforehand. You will find working within a group of like-hearted people a very power-full experience.

What do we mean by “Retreat”?

We use the word “retreat” in its true meaning of the word. The true meaning of RE-TREATING lies in RE-ASSESSING and RE-EVALUATING everything you THINK you have always known about yourself.

ISM Support Forum between Retreats

To provide ongoing support between Retreats we have created a “bridge” between the Residential Retreats so as to foster a connectedness, and a genuine love and warmth. This bridge is in the form of an ISM online Support Forum so that we can stay connected between Retreats. An after Retreat online Support Forum is created as further support for two weeks after the Retreat, ending with a live conference call.

About Elizabeth Schnugh

Elizabeth founded and is Director of the Institute for the Study of Man. The Courses and Retreats offered through the Institute have been developed to give people valuable insights, as well as practical tools, so that they can effect meaningful and lasting change in their lives.

Elizabeth Schnugh – Seeker by heart and apprentice of the late Théun Mares, started her career as a Chartered Accountant. She was Financial Director of a multi-national company subsidiary for many years. As she reached the height of her career, and as her work brought her into touch with an increasingly wide cross-section of people, Elizabeth began to realise that her talents and fate did not lie in the corporate world but in helping people to help themselves. In 1991 she embarked upon a new journey, first of all training in the humanitarian disciplines, and then in 1996 becoming a full-time teacher.

Elizabeth has a simple, honest and highly practical approach in guiding people to look within their unique life experiences to find their own answers. This approach is immensely uplifting and empowering, since you will learn how to solve any problem or challenge that comes your way.

Retreat details

Where? Online.

When? 14-16 May, 2021. The Retreat starts Friday, 15:00 EEST and finishes on Sunday, 21:00 EEST.


The cost for participation at the Retreat:

€150.00per person
  • The Retreat will be conducted online.

You can arrange payment by contacting the Retreat Organiser, Milen Ivanov, on +359 88 979 6437, or email:

The numbers of participants is limited, first come first served. To secure your place at the Retreat, you must pay a 50% non-refundable deposit to the Retreat Organiser by April 15, 2021. To confirm your participation, the remaining 50% fee must be settled no later than April 30, 2021.

Language of instruction? The Retreat will be conducted in English.

We look forward to youjoining us on this nextstep in our journey!

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