This is a further opportunityto look at how you behave in your life.Our behaviour is the main areain which we let ourselves downand which affects ourselvesand others the most.At the same time, it is the one thingthat we can changeif we choose to.

Part of the magic in this course is in the learning that you are the only one who has ever victimised yourself. You do it by yourself, to yourself and there is absolutely no need to continue in this way. Through taking responsibility for ALL aspects of your life, you begin to reclaim your personal power.

Frontiers of The Self

We teach you to break the bondage of social conditioning and living in blame, where you make others responsible for your life. We show you that you can make your life beautiful, and create whatever magic you want.

Frontiers of The Self is presented in an environment where the focus is on the small amount of beauty that exists in all of us, regardless of our experience and social conditioning. The more we focus on that beauty, the more aware we become of all that is good and pure in our lives, the bigger the beauty becomes.

On this course we will show you;

  • That your shortcomings are your road to power and your ticket to freedom.
  • That your weaknesses are your unrealised potential.
  • The true nature of unconditional love as opposed to manipulation.

Course Prerequisites

Please note that to enrol for this Frontiers of The Self Course it is necessary to have first completed the following four Courses;

ISM has implemented this requirement because through experience it has become clear that people cannot benefit fully from the material imparted in this Course without first having acquired the fundamental tools for relationships imparted in The Journey of Adjustment, and having come to grips with their childhood through the material imparted in the World of Little People and Threshold to Excellence. 

Many people consider that because they may have received counselling and/or done workshops on childhood issues, they have their childhood issues resolved, done and dusted. But we at ISM have found that in ALL cases this does not suffice, and simply because concepts such as awareness, the relative factor of awareness, the formative years of a child, social conditioning from even before birth, etc., is all material that is generally not known and neither to be found in any of the workshops, seminars and counselling activities available to the general public. As a result most adults today live with a stunted emotional and/or mental development. And where there is this stunted development it is not possible to grasp the material offered in this Course.

(For your own good and for the good of the other participants, NO exceptions will be made to the above requirement.)

Course Content

The Course includes discussions, individual work, group interaction and a variety of games. Everything is designed to show you how you behave in your life so that you can decide whether or not you like it. Then if you don’t like it, we will give you the tools with which to change it.

About Elizabeth Schnugh

Elizabeth founded and is Director of the Institute for the Study of Man. The Courses and Retreats offered through the Institute have been developed to give people valuable insights, as well as practical tools, so that they can effect meaningful and lasting change in their lives.

Elizabeth Schnugh – Seeker by heart and with great passion for sharing, started her career as a Chartered Accountant. She was Financial Director of a multi-national company subsidiary for many years. As she reached the height of her career, and as her work brought her into touch with an increasingly wide cross-section of people, Elizabeth began to realise that her talents and fate did not lie in the corporate world but in helping people to help themselves. In 1991 she embarked upon a new journey, first of all training in the humanitarian disciplines, and then in 1996 becoming a full-time teacher.

Elizabeth has a simple, honest and highly practical approach in guiding people to look within their unique life experiences to find their own answers. This approach is immensely uplifting and empowering, since you will learn how to solve any problem or challenge that comes your way.

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