We dispel the myth thattwo halves in a relationshipcan make one whole,and we show you that  if arelationship is to succeed,it needs two whole people.

Our biggest problems arise in our personal relationships. Because we have a whole heap of unvoiced and unfulfilled expectations, warmth and camaraderie become supplanted by anger and blame. We tend to think that a partner has to supply that which we ourselves lack, and so we often involve ourselves in relationships which are debilitating and frustrating, as they are based on sets of conditions and co-dependency, rather than upon mutual appreciation and sharing.

In this Course, we show that Life is a most priceless gift, but if we are to savour the full beauty of this gift we must be able to relate to life. This means that we must develop the ability to relate to ourselves and to those around us in a meaning-full and fulfilling manner.

How Can I Find Fulfillment in my Relationships?

Life revolves around relationships. Therefore, to find fulfillment, we need first to learn a different way of relating – a way that keeps us in touch with our own values and our deepest aspirations. So often in our relationships we leave ourselves out of the equation – either by “fitting in” and not speaking up, or by removing ourselves from the relationship altogether.

Discovering the True Way to Relate

By learning how to put ourselves back into the equation our relationships can become transformed into true relationships – the type of relationships that grow and evolve as we grow, and that remain an enduring source of meaning and fulfillment. In this we must always remember that this is a Journey of Adjustment – step by step.

The Two Journey of Adjustment Courses

The Journey of Adjustment, Part I and Part II are unique Courses – for life. They are unique in the new material shared; in the way in which the material is delivered; the power of the material, the exercises and interaction; the international character of the participants. Because of the practical nature and tools shared in The Journey of Adjustment, you will learn again how to be the Captain of your life and your relationships – resulting in a life full of powerful action, ownership and meaningful relationships.

You will be guided to find your own insights through dialogue and practice, learn to see the other as a reflection of your own behaviour, a mirror that supports you to improve the quality of your relationships, by changing your own behaviour and thus yourself. You will learn the difference in approaches between men and women and the power that lies within that, including how to use it; how to handle your emotions effectively, stop compromising yourself and to grow from conflict. In this Course you will find the path of your heart, where you can be totally who you are. From insight to action!

Key Concepts in this Course

On these two Courses we will give you the general principles that will make any kind of relationship work.

On this Course we will show you;

  • How to determine what you want out of a relationship with another person.
  • That your own inner being is beautiful and is worth relating to.
  • How to make your fear of relationships work for you.
  • The basic differences between males and females.
  • How to deal with conflict, using both your male and female energies to succeed.
  • The keys to intelligent co-operation between the sexes instead of competing against and blaming each other.
  • How to have effective communication in any relationship.How to change the feeling of futility and hopelessness you often get if you do speak up.

Course Prerequisites

Our Courses require no prior knowledge or particular standard of education. We start with the basic principles and move forward from there, always remembering that we need a firm foundation to succeed. This is our first Course in the relationships series and it lays the groundwork for much of what we do in our other Courses.

Retreat Group dinner photo, Matti

Post Course Support

Because of the habits of a lifetime, this Course is the beginning and not the end of a process. With that in mind, there are a variety of other Courses, after-course meetings, further learning opportunities and activities on an on-going basis. Whether or not you want to take part will depend on where you want to take your life.

Free (almost!) eBook

The eBook from which this Course is based (previously know as ‘This Darned Illusive Happiness’), is available for download at the Amazon Kindle store:

Download The Journey of Adjustment eBook from Amazon

About Elizabeth Schnugh

Elizabeth founded and is Director of the Institute for the Study of Man. The Courses and Retreats offered through the Institute have been developed to give people valuable insights, as well as practical tools, so that they can effect meaningful and lasting change in their lives.

Elizabeth Schnugh – Seeker by heart and apprentice of the late Théun Mares, started her career as a Chartered Accountant. She was Financial Director of a multi-national company subsidiary for many years. As she reached the height of her career, and as her work brought her into touch with an increasingly wide cross-section of people, Elizabeth began to realise that her talents and fate did not lie in the corporate world but in helping people to help themselves. In 1991 she embarked upon a new journey, first of all training in the humanitarian disciplines, and then in 1996 becoming a full-time teacher.

Elizabeth has a simple, honest and highly practical approach in guiding people to look within their unique life experiences to find their own answers. This approach is immensely uplifting and empowering, since you will learn how to solve any problem or challenge that comes your way.

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