Freeing My Expression

Learning to navigate your relationships provides opportunities to reconnect to the wonder and uniqueness of who you truly…

To Marry or Not to Marry – the Challenges of Commitment

A convenient boy-girl-friend relationship cannot be left open-ended forever.

Working with Emotions

In all of this, working with and managing our anger was the theme of the challenge – and both of us were using our anger as…

Anger and Blame – Constructive?

I have a good feeling that I am able to laugh at myself under stressful situations and somehow all this experience brings…

Effortless Power

What did I do to get from expending untold energy to what is for me now an effortless pleasure?

Men Don’t Cry

We take action – a man cannot be impotent; we can find the harmony through conflict, confrontation.

I Don’t Know!

I am amazed to what lengths I go to maintain a self-image that "I know!" when in fact I KNOW I have no clue!

A Fresh Approach in Learning about Life

My natural curiosity and inquisitiveness in learning all about life is my constant drive.

Focus on the Positive

I am using the Rule "FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE" for some years already and I really have seen that it works and also how it…