Dear Friends,

Our Theme for the month of April; and the ISM Retreat of April,.. and for the whole year! 😉 is:


News first:
Our Tenth(!) ISM Residential Retreat is open for booking: first come, first served. Please consult our Flyer.

And the Online Retreat in 2 weeks time has been fully booked for quite some time, so I am most looking forward to the adventure! It has already been dynamic in terms of Participants: some withdrew, others came on board, but the Group was steady and flying higher and higher! So, it will surely be an exciting month and I am most looking forward to it and to meeting you!!

As for me personally, it is long since I’ve “heard” that the best way for me to use beneficially my shortcoming of self-importance is to use its “push” in striving for… Dynamic Stability! lol! – in the sense of not losing balance easily. And so, I am eager to learn how to do this even better!


“Apart from not-doing the obvious effects of your shortcoming, which is always easy enough to see, you should also take CARE-FULL notes on what you DO learn about your shortcoming. Write these notes down in your journal, and from time to time do a REVIEW of what you have noted. If you do this you will begin to see HOW your behaviour has created PATTERNS in your life, and it is this HOW, even more so than the patterns, which is the KEY enabling one to transmute one’s shortcoming!”

(;Warriors’ Experience – article 731;Shortcomings (Weaknesses), transmuting)

Enjoy Lady Elizabeth’s exhilirating news and sharing!!

With all my love,


My Dear Friends,

Happy Monday! Easter* Monday for some of us. Happy Month! Happy April Fools’ Day! 😀 A trifecta!

Our theme for this month is “Dynamic stability”. Numerologically we are in the middle of an 8 year so we are being guided by the meaning of this concept this month. This is also our theme for our Online Retreat this month.

So…what does this all mean?


“The (8) vibration is about Dynamic Stability. Balance within nature is NEVER static, for it is the polar opposite of INERTIA. Therefore balance implies treading what Christ referred to as the RAZOR-EDGED PATH, for unless we DISCRIMINATE with great CARE, and ACT with PRECISION, the resultant consequences gravitate towards either positive or negative, and thereby set off a violent swinging back and forth between the poles which naturally results in HUGE con-fusion for ALL concerned. Remember here the true meaning of con-fusion!”


Perhaps this example will make it simpler 😀 :-

“(8) is always the great EQUALISER of experience! In other words, (8) is a frequency that properly belongs within that great BANDWIDTH of frequencies referred to as the Law of Economy, and since nature is forever striving for BALANCE or EQUILIBRIUM, all experience must be balanced sooner or later! This is why we cannot, for example, always incarnate only as a male, or only as a female!

But the best way in which to get a real FEELING for what is inherent within the vibration of (8) is to see it as that force which teaches us to bring together, and into harmony, the pairs of opposites! It is therefore also the vibration which dictates the act of intelligent co-operation!

For example, if right now you are focused on crystallising power, unless you put as much effort into your spiritual pursuits as your temporal pursuits, meaning making money, your efforts either way will be polarized at ONE POLE only, and therefore the vibration of (8) will keep trying to RECTIFY your imbalance by bringing about a force in opposition to what you are trying to polarise, and hence you will find yourself working yourself to exhaustion, without much to show in terms of results!


So the answer is to strike a happy medium between the two polarities of nagal and tonal by putting as much effort into the evolution of your awareness as you are investing in terms of furthering your career or financial matters! Once you do this, you will quickly enough LEARN that there is no REAL separation between nagal and tonal, for these two are but the two polarities of the One Life, just as crystallising power, and claiming personal power, are but the two polarities of the evolution of awareness!”


This year I am in South Africa for a longer period than in many years past. The reasons are not what is at issue here. Since I sold my last home in 2007 I have often stayed with my cousin D and his wife, E. in Cape Town. As D is much older than me, and as the years have gone by, more and more have I felt like I am staying with my very loving but ofttimes odd parents. Lol! For a few weeks it is fine.

However, what has transpired this trip, because of the length, the mirror of old age can drive me nuts at times and as D refuses to acknowledge his deteriorating hearing, there are times leading up to his +-7,30pm bedtime when the TV volume can drive me ..well, nuts! Lol!

Which has brought me full circle to the times of our online retreat this month. To cover as many time zones as we can from New Zealand to Canada to Siberia our retreat hours for me are from 4pm – 10/11pm each day. This means with the best will in the world I cannot prepare for and host the retreat from my current abode.

I addressed my intention to book an Airbnb with D in as gentle a way as possible about 6 weeks ago and a day later I was asked how D can accommodate me so I don’t have to go elsewhere? I tried to be as diplomatic is as I could, no judgment, that my hours would impact too greatly on their lifestyle, but no matter what I said, I could see the hurt.

Since then I found myself swinging between the poles of making my abode work – and removing myself completely.

Time was getting short. Then I ‘suddenly’ had an insight that could work for all of us! A close friend, N, had suggested a few weeks back that I should spend more time at the Hydro Spa that I go to on my return here at the end of each year. I saw no need for this at the time, but clearly her suggestion had stayed with me.

So I wrote to the general manager and within minutes he answered:-


“Happy to hear from you. We do have availability. For your retreat you can use one of the rooms near the outdoor pool on us😀 We will have a desk facing the garden side. I will arrange flowers for you. Looking forward to having you back!”


Whew! It ticked all the boxes, and on sharing this solution with D he responded with “That’s great! And no shopping, no cooking! You must be happy!” Yes! Lol!

Have fun with our theme this month, my friends and if you are coming to the retreat, I am really looking forward to seeing you all in my” pool room”! 😉

With all my love and warm hugs,

PS. For those who celebrate Easter, orthodox or “non-Orthodox”
Warriors’ Experience – article 973
Golgotha, the Mystery of

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