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Our Theme for the month of June is:


Recently I had an assignment where I had to find something for a limited time. I honestly exhausted all available options and chose the best (and indeed, the only!) feasible option. The “mission” was on the verge of failure, because that only option appeared towards the very end of the available time. This was not because I was keen on doing drama, or high maintenance, or any such: no, I’d have been most happy if I were to find a suitable option in the very beginning, but it just did not turn out that way. I am willing to believe that even if I were to fail, having done my best, I’d still have felt fine.

Later on I’ve heard some ironic remarks about the thing I had chosen, but I was not bothered at all, knowing that it was the best option, so I can not be faulted.

But… ?! HOW to be impeccable in e v e r y-thing?!

To find out, enjoy and absorb Lady Elizabeth’s sharing!!

With all my love,


Dear Friends,

Happy month! Happy June! :-). We are already heading for the middle of the year!

I have been facilitating our pinnacle ISM course in Estonia this past month and there is always one concept that comes up again and again, a thread that runs through all the ISM courses and retreats.


I always share with whoever cares to listen that if they would just take this ONE simple but profound concept and apply it to their lives, to their every waking moment, the quality of their daily lives would yield immediate and rewarding results!

I emphasise that it is one concept that every child should be taught from birth! 🙂


And “knowledge” is of course the result of all those actions of yours where you have put some theory into practice and learned from it. It is not mere information such as you may find in a book. To ACT* means that what you feel, what you say, what you do are all in sync!

Herein lies the challenge of being impeccable! Your sense of self confidence may well be challenged!

“Since the warrior does not regard himself as being more important or less important than his fellow man, it does not matter to him if he loses face in the eyes of his fellow men. In other words, the warrior does not strive to be self-important and therefore does not care about public approval. This freedom from having to seek approval is true humility.

Since he no longer has to fear the impact his actions may have upon his sense of self-importance, the warrior’s only consideration is to act upon his own knowledge to the very best of his ability. Accordingly, a warrior understands self-confidence to mean confidence in one’s own ability to act like an impeccable warrior.

It is obvious how different these two approaches are, and yet people often make the mistake of confusing the act of seeking approval with self-confidence. In seeking approval from his fellow men, man very rarely acts freely upon his own knowledge. To avoid acting according to one’s own knowledge merely to win the favour of someone else, is to be unimpeccable.”

A timely reminder!

Towards the end of last year, I was made aware that our desktop accounting package was no longer supported and had not been so since June 2023! 🙁

Together with our enthusiastic “techie” D, we embarked on a journey of discovery about alternative options! With a mad scramble to resolve our potentially vulnerable status, we eventually found a two-step solution. The first step involved upgrading our current desktop software to a more recent /up to date version (which also is no longer supported) and then from there we would have our backups converted to an online supported accounting system.

This was all scheduled to be complete so that I could travel by the end of January this year, and without having to travel with two computers and a monitor!

To cut a short story long, as I am wont to say LOL!, it is now the end of May and this conversion process is only now complete! I have exercised the utmost forbearance these past 5 months – and I had to let go my February travel plans as well!

Last week as I was leaving Estonia the final conversion files arrived for me to check. Just in time for month end processing. A further email came in from D who, in my absence, had in the background been quietly “auditing” previous results so as to understand some anomalies the conversion team had encountered in our data.

It took me a few days after the Estonia course for me to fully absorb what D had found. The discrepancies in our data that the conversion team had pointed out and I had dismissed as something in their conversion process, was in fact, misallocations that I had been making over the years! ;-( The accounting package alerted me to miss-allocations in the one direction, but no alert was programmed in if a miss-allocation was made in the opposite direction. As the end results “balanced out” and ultimately did not invalidate or impact on the accuracy of the results published, I was quick to let it go and move on.

But..and.. something was bugging me! In my knowledge bank is an accounting term called “a compensating error”. I have vast experience in this area. I could not dismiss it, no matter how hard I tried. Lol! What if….I had made two errors in processing the data, the net effect being one balancing out the other – a compensating error?

So yesterday I sat for hours re-crunching all the relevant data for 4,5 years – until I was satisfied there was no compensating error. And then a quick consult with D to check out my logic – and by last night I could let it go. I am at peace now that I have been impeccable.

And now I am off to learn the new online accounting system! I am working up some enthusiasm so I can have fun with it! Lol!

Have fun with our theme this month, my friends!

With all my love and warm hugs,

Milen Ivanov
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