Is My Father Weak?

The better things seemed to be, the more emotionally evasive I became!! Why? Because it just had to be "too good to be…

Weak Father – Real or Pretense?

I grew up with a father who just loved to pretend he was weak! His favourite past time was to isolate himself...

Winner? Or Loser?

Therefore, instead of becoming irritated, I should have been grateful and co-operative!

What Does It Mean To Be a True Male?

And this is the essence of the reality that lies beyond the face value of the above myth: Life is not and could never be a…

Felling Helpless and Out of Control Now?

And if I’m awake enough, I may register the moment I’m about to succumb to inertia – and reverse it!

Can the Words I Choose Be a Trap?

Being a trained litigator and a practicing lawyer, I come across the concept of words and their trap on a daily basis.

Catch Yourself Doing Something Right?

Start giving yourself and those around you credit for what you and they are doing right.