Are you wondering how to fight against Big Brother?

Most of us are familiar with the term “Big Brother”. We use it in order to describe the current status of a centralised control that has been imposed upon us in most developed countries.

The context within which this term is being used varies from a slightly humorous approach all the way to the most sinister conspiracy theories!

The term Big Brother goes hand in hand with a sense of apathy, as most people use it to describe a truly powerful control mechanism against which the average individual is helpless.

Others use it as an excuse for not doing anything about a world situation that deteriorates by the day!!! There is another term to describe Big Brother – “Mother’s Awareness” – or MA for short! The “Mother” aspect is that negative side of the mother that we see as demanding, controlling, manipulative; as opposed to the positive side that is nurturing, encouraging, uplifting, power-full; something of beauty.

Actually, MA is a more accurate term to describe the same phenomenon as Big Brother. Without getting too technical, MA refers to the inertia that overcomes both males – as well as females – at certain points during our lives; those times when I feel helpless to change either a specific situation or my life in general.

It refers to my total unwillingness to abandon a known and familiar frame of reference – for the purpose of entering the (scary) unknown – and in that “unknown” uncovering some new knowledge!! MA has a very specific origin and, most of the time, very particular manifestations. And if I’m awake enough, I may register the moment I’m about to succumb to MA – and reverse it!

In this workshop, Gentlemen, we plan to share with you some very practical tools as to what to do in order to both register MA when it is about to manifest – as well as reverse it and avoid succumbing to it.

We plan to share with you how the socially conditioned myths for the male, myths we keep hearing repeatedly from childhood, hide actual truths about both the nature and the composition of the male. For example, the myth you’re all familiar with is “men don’t cry”. However, the actual truth behind this myth has nothing to do with tears. This actual truth is that the male cannot afford to be helpless.

Therefore, it has a direct reference to MA and how to fight this particular sense of apathy and inertia when it is about to manifest in our lives.

So! do you feel helpless against Big Brother?

Are you one of those men who keeps wondering how to fight against it?

Join us and you’ll discover that you can truly change yourself in a most powerful and magical way. You’ll also discover that this is not just A way, but THE way to fight against Big Brother.

Sotirios Galanopoulos
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