Men Don’t Cry

We take action – a man cannot be impotent; we can find the harmony through conflict, confrontation.

I Don’t Know!

I am amazed to what lengths I go to maintain a self-image that "I know!" when in fact I KNOW I have no clue!

A Fresh Approach in Learning about Life

My natural curiosity and inquisitiveness in learning all about life is my constant drive.

Focus on the Positive

I am using the Rule "FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE" for some years already and I really have seen that it works and also how it…

The Far Reaching Effects of Feeling Guilty as a Parent

As parents, no matter what we do, we seem automatically to fall into a trap of feeling guilty about not doing a good enough…

“We Can’t Afford It!” Really?

Instead of looking at WHY I could "not afford" to travel to Greece, I started to look for HOW I could afford it!

The True Male is Gentle

At the same time as being firm, we also need to be warm and gentle. It is a delicate balance that needs daily care.

Monthly Cycle – A Period of Beauty and Wonder

I no longer dread the arrival of my monthly menstruation, but rather welcome it as MY opportunity to start afresh.

Is My Father Weak?

The better things seemed to be, the more emotionally evasive I became!! Why? Because it just had to be "too good to be…

Men – Victim or True Male?

I still see so much responsibility dumped onto men about how they should be and how they need to change...