Winner? Or Loser?

Therefore, instead of becoming irritated, I should have been grateful and co-operative!


When I walk or sit, or whatever I do, I always sense my body and specifically what is/what feels ALIVE in my body – this is…

The Well of Being Creative

It entails my relying on my own inner warmth and it unfolds like a “pregnant pause stage” until I give birth to the new!

Fun – The Missing Link!

So how can I bring back the fun into the process of my learning and not see fun as just entertainment? How can I be…

Using Vulnerability to Stand Up for Myself

More than a year ago I made a decision to challenge myself to face my fear of exposing my vulnerable side with people.

What Does It Mean To Be Real?

Once I acknowledged the REALITY of my situation, I was then able to confront this fear within myself – and then to do…

Is Co-operating Intelligently a Step Forward?

And my departing point on this journey is a simple truth that I already have all I need with which to start!!

What Does It Mean To Be a True Male?

And this is the essence of the reality that lies beyond the face value of the above myth: Life is not and could never be a…

Felling Helpless and Out of Control Now?

And if I’m awake enough, I may register the moment I’m about to succumb to inertia – and reverse it!

Science vs Intelligence?

Being intelligent is a way of relating when each party can discriminate between what it NEEDS and what it should AVOID.