I am using the Rule "FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE" for some years already and I really have seen that it works and also how it works.

The other day I was supported in a lovely way in regards to this but before I share my practical example of that, let me briefly show how the Toltec Teachings are so interrelated and actually become natural to all of us – if we but CARE to observe diligently ourselves and the life around us.

In order to do this let me break down “FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE” into useful components. So, what does it tell me? It tells me that:

  1. I have an inner focus, and
  2. That I can move the focus by will, and
  3. That I have a choice where to place it and hold it there!

This realisation alone helps me not to take for granted something that I use every day and every moment anyway. When I observe myself I see that I have some inner space, a focus really, where whichever gets into it (emotion or thought) it governs my whole constitution at this moment. It is like a throne and whichever sits on it – It Rules!

So if the focus does not move all sorts of shady characters get into it. LOL!

However, I CAN move the focus.

This is in actual fact very natural and done with ease by young children whom I love observing. And there is somehow an obscure relationship with the eyes, by the way. But in order for me move the focus by choice and hold it wherever I want it to be, is imperative that I can be detached and work well with emotions. Plus to hold the tensions that arise in the moment and/or choose the tension I see that FEELS most right to be materialised.

So you can see how a little thing like “FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE” involves so many concepts, processes and techniques from the Teachings, it is all interrelated and fun for me practice actually, especially when I am not rushing it! In-deed, in the whole process, my perception is also neatly stalked, naturally so… which generates more energy and so on.

A practical example:

I went out in the evening to one local restaurant. The restaurant is situated in a lovely place that although central, is somehow also secluded. Inside the atmosphere and the way the place is organised feels very friendly and inviting. So I was sitting on the couch reading a magazine while in mean time a few people were conversing a few meters away from me next to the bar area on my right. I knew almost all of them. One of them was known for his rather questionable social image.

However, I chose to place my focus on his rich laughter and the musical tone of his voice. After a few minutes he just passed next to me, smiled broadly and asked me how I feel and that I look well!

I really started to laugh inside, recognising at this very moment how I was being supported by life into where I chose to place the focus – plus my perception was stalked and new energy was released in me.

Onnik Merdinyan
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