The ability of the male to act impeccably upon his own knowledge without fear.

There is a myth concerning males that they are aggressive.

The society we live in conditions us to suppress our gentleness and warmth.

However, like all myths, there is a truth concealed inside this myth and that is that not only must the males must be prepared to fight for freedom, but that the true males is also a gentle creature.

In fighting for freedom I am talking about setting the example for walking the Path of Freedom. And by freedom here I mean:

the ability of the male to act impeccably upon his own knowledge without fear.

The ability to act is very much related with being detached from the emotion that is experienced in the moment.

This does not mean that the emotion is not expressed, but rather that the emotion is used and guided.

Fear is one of the prime emotions and I use it constructively in order to be aware and wide-awake in the moment. Anger is another of the prime emotions and I use it to fight for clarity.

It is also imperative for me to act on my own knowledge gained from my own experiences. This experiential knowledge is REAL power – and is related to having the right values in life.

By right values I mean those values that are life supportive and TESTED in life. And life supportive values are those that contribute to the creation of the conditions and an environment in which everyone can grow in their strength.

One very important point worth mentioning here is that most people want to be treated “nicely” -regardless of their behaviour!!

But the so-called NICE guys are one of the main contributors to supporting the WRONG values!!

And here the male needs to be very firm. Problem is that where we are at now as a society, being “not nice” is considered aggressive and unreasonable.

People ask what gives the male the right to consider what is good for someone else?! Yes, no one has the right to impose his will on others – but it cuts both ways.

In other words, if I want to create an environment that is life supportive, and you want to create one that is life destructive for me, and those around me, then you had better watch out!

I have many examples regarding this and technically this is one of the main features of “Dreaming In” the environment.

In those moments where I have to be very firm, it is really “not nice” – and very few people like it. But from experience I know what results this action brings – and the values it upholds.

In those moments I am really alone and I need to believe very much in myself – and what I am doing! However, this is the price to be paid for standing free from approval, because looking for approval is a sure way to open up myself to abuse – and to support the wrong values!

The society we live in conditions us to suppress our gentleness and warmth. So it is of utmost importance that we work on developing our warmth and gentleness, because the true male is essentially a gentle creature.

At the same time as being firm, we also need to be warm and gentle. It is a delicate balance that needs daily care and maintenance, and ultimately leads to maturity.

When such a firm and gentle stand is taken again and again, the feeling of being alone gradually transforms into a feeling of being all-one.

Onnik Merdinyan
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