There is never a dull moment living in South Africa!

Our president is all over the place, undermining the institutions that expose his corruption, or firing ministers that oppose him and then prevaricating when there is the inevitable public outcry. As a result our exchange rate has worsened considerably against the USD and EUR.

What a male leader role model I have! The question for me has been: “What do I do about this?

I was succumbing to the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty that were generated by current events and I was also very tempted to use this as an excuse not to attend the Quest for Maleness course in Greece.

But I have learned from attending the Institute for the Study of Man courses that whilst I do not have control over the circumstances or the challenges that come my way, I DO have control over my ATTITUDE, and as a result, my RESPONSE to these challenges.

So I sat down and took a sober look at my situation. I went through my finances, taking the dismal exchange rate into account. As I was going through this process, checking my attitude along the way, my perception of the situation began to change!!

Instead of looking at WHY I could “not afford” to travel to Greece, I started to look for HOW I could afford it! Then in a short while I saw with new eyes that if I made a few adjustments, I CAN afford it!!

The clarity I gained from this simple process, and continue to gain, has helped me to see what adjustments I need to make AND also to be open to the confirmation of my decision that emerged from the resulting support that came my way?

So for me, I have already started my Workshop! In many ways I am already attending the course and my motivation now to be there is to uncover my next step in my Quest with the enormous support of a group of friends that are also striving to learn what it is to be male.

Dylan Myles
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