For as long as I can remember I have found and worked with Groups of people who strive not only to achieve a common purpose, but who also simultaneously use the medium with which they work to learn about themselves and each other.

Through working with these many and diverse people over the many years that I have lived, I have discovered that I have many abilities,… and emanating from them quite a few desires!

My natural curiosity and inquisitiveness in learning all about life is my constant drive.

I am in love with strength and this has helped me to develop many abilities to the point where I now find I am quite diverse!

In all of this I have not forgotten that in every endeavour there needs to be a central idea, a purpose, a meaning, that unites and re-members all these diverse parts in my one body!

I admit at times it has been overwhelming to remember all of this! Lol! Still, my passion for learning persists!

Through this process of learning, I have found that I now have experience in all 5 of the fields of expression, viz. science, education, medicine, true religion and politics (i.e. true negotiations).

The trick I have found in order to maintain my focus amidst all this diversity is always to do whatever comes my way first! Tackling it with care and patience all the way through until completion!

And, of course, I strive never to forget my central idea, that is, INCLUSIVENESS – All-One.

I feel inclusive when my mind cooperates intelligently with my heart. Then my expression in the world is also inclusive.

To be inclusive I pay attention to the form, the content, and the meaning of my expression.

By “form” I mean how, in the process of wanting to be inclusive, I approach and construct my experience through using my thoughts to build the experience, in so far as I am in control of myself, of course.

By “content” I mean the quality, intensity and nature of the desire I am pouring into my experience. By “meaning” I mean what my heart takes from my experience.

For example, a few days ago I went shopping. I found a small shoe shop and went inside.

The owner of the shop met me with a smile. He quickly picked up that my intent was set on buying, as I was already carrying a bag full of new clothes. I, in turn, knew immediately what HIS obvious intent was! Why, selling, of course! LOL!

And so we started our trading dance of old. 🙂

I was firm in what I wanted – to suit my taste for quality and comfort – and I was being patient with myself by paying attention to every detail of my experience.

As part of our dance I tried on more than 10 pairs of shoes! Along the way I discovered a lot about the owner. He is actually a specialist in leather, and so I ended up buying not one, but 3 pairs of lovely shoes (sport, casual and official) – and at a very good discounted price!

We both parted ways feeling most uplifted. 🙂

This inclusive and diverse approach to life is the one that I found suits me best to live in harmony in the greater world out there.

Onnik Merdinyan
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