Does Opening Up To Friends Mean I Am Weak?

I did not panic, and decided to open up myself to my friends and to share how I really felt in that moment – without judging…

Power of Choice

Quite simply, everything that happens in me or around me is first of all because I perceive it.

How Can I Мake Lemonade Out of a Lemon?

Look how the little oyster transmutes the grain of sand that is irritating and transforms it in the end into a pearl.

Do You Trust Your Gut Feel?

Instead I chose to trust the process, to believe, even though at times I couldn't really figure out why I needed another…

Stuck in the Unknown Without a Map?

Some that might say that given that this is the unknown or undefined it could mean just about anything we choose it to be!…

Is There Purpose to Evolution?

The mere fact of evolution and it’s astonishing complexity points to a purpose and intelligence capable of making choices at…

So, I CAN change!

The two streams of evolution of the life forms, and what I consider the Self, are vastly different – but I found the…

Can the Words I Choose Be a Trap?

Being a trained litigator and a practicing lawyer, I come across the concept of words and their trap on a daily basis.

Catch Yourself Doing Something Right?

Start giving yourself and those around you credit for what you and they are doing right.

Does Conflict Actually Have a Purpose?

I did not submit to the conflict by externalising it, but held the tension and patiently waited while working with the…