Last week I had a lot of things to do!

The shower was leaking,
the car’s wheels were out of balance – stuffed with mud,
the balcony was full of trash,
the trees that beavers had “cut down” needed to be pulled out from the forest before new grass could grow tall,
my son’s problems at school should be continued to be tackled, etc… !

To add to the picture – my wife was busy with a project, so she couldn’t take any of the tasks on herself, plus she needs my help anyway.

As it is now – she left her purse in a bar and I am on a way to get it, writing this article in a taxi.

And I am not even speaking about my job challenges here. 🙂

Usually in situations like this I would spread myself thin, overwhelmed by this long list of things I have to do. I would not think out properly how everything could be done. Lacking a strategy, in a rush, I would spoil things while doing other things. And then I would “earn” the right to pity myself.

I never thought the whole thing is about relating, though. I used to think it is about the things to be done. As if these tasks are outside me, something external.

This magic word “relating” opens me to another perspective.

All those mundane things above can, in fact,  lead to the unknown. By unknown I do not mean a scary weird anomaly, as I used to imagine it, but something I am able to be con-cerned about. Something I can care about. And it starts within me – it starts with my relaxing in blissful calmness – in a midst of a mess! 🙂

I just touched the tip of an iceberg, I believe.

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