I attended a “Mysteries of the Female” course in 2013 and it really supported me to make sense of my life as a female.

It helped me understand and acknowledge a lot of my internal dialogue, feelings and struggles that I experienced throughout my everyday life.

I got so many insights into what it means to be female, what it means to have periods and the hormonal changes we all experience on a monthly basis – some more than others LOL!!

I used to dread my periods, I had lots of pain and discomfort. But using the practical tools to deal with these times that I received at the “Mysteries of the Female” course, I helped myself to appreciate my periods in a whole new way!! As one of the mysteries of being female!

I no longer dread the arrival of my monthly menstruation, but rather welcome it as MY opportunity to start afresh, to let go of the old, to make way for the new! It was, and is, a real and magical shift of focus for me.

The course also supported me in my relationships with all the males in my life. It was very life affirming to hear and to learn about the true roles of both the male and female and more importantly how we can work together practically and intelligently!

I am still using what I have learned – and I am still learning! A journey of a lifetime!

So, for me, my attendance at this Mysteries of the Female workshop is essential for me to continue my journey of learning how to be a true female.”

Sinéad Byrne
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