Working with Théun Mares

Théun's firm belief was that the world did not need even more fighting and violence to meet the fighting that is……

Embarrassed By Your Masculinity?

What has happened to turn men into powerless asexual softies that are at the mercy of everyone and everything?!

True Friendship

Friendship is a relationship, and believe me, by FAR the most DIFFICULT of all relationships to build, for it does not have

Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

When I look around in the world today, it is with a deep sense of anguish that I still hear echoing in my ears the...

Tackling Fear

Fear can drive us forward to become bigger and better, wiser and more tolerant, more awake and therefore more responsive.

Guilt and Repentance

It is impossible to win the respect of others if you do not have SELF-RESPECT!

What is it to be a Child?

In this course I endeavour to show adults what it is to be a child.


How to approach separation in a mature way.

Sex or Intimacy?

Is sex wrong? How to approach it responsibly.

Rules of True Communication

Too many people live in worlds removed from those closest to them due to poor communication skills.