In this, nature is my constant inspiration.

Look how the little oyster transmutes the grain of sand that is irritating and transforms it in the end into a pearl.

The other day I had many little things to do but Mr. Procrastination raised his voice!! Being wide-awake I did the 4 steps below – on and on!! LOL!

I was sensitive to all the little tasks that I had to do and persevered to see them through to their completion. I was not rigid in their execution but had fun by letting my feelings guide me which one to do when.

I left no breathing space for Mr. Procrastination! 🙂

This was my approach:

The four steps:

The transmutation of my negative behaviour is a process of learning how to make the behaviour work for me – and not against me. Or in other words seeing clearly what is harmful and then using it in a way that benefits myself – and others.

Sobriety is the first step in this process. Sobriety is facing and accepting the actual fact, what IS. Failing to do so is not sobriety and leads to suppression, which is destructive.

The second step is using my power of choice with awareness. It is simply done be asking myself: “How can I shift this perception so I can benefit?”

When this second step is done then the third step is really opening to my feelings. Possibilities open and my feelings guide me to which one of them to use in the moment – and then the fun begins!

Step four – DO IT! Practice, practice and practice. 🙂

How this works in practice:

First step – I see clearly that I am bossy and demanding. IT is what it IS right now. There is no point arguing the FACT as there is no point in arguing with traffic light! 🙂

Second step – How can I shift this perception so I can benefit? Well, I see that this demanding and bossy behaviour has some force in it. And when I am not conscious about it, this force is used to produce destructive work. So how can I use this force in a way that benefits me?

I FEEL there are quite a few possibilities open:

I can use it in a way to hold myself UP to a certain standard or I can use it in a way to be ATTENTIVE to the little details, to be sensitive to every little change. OR, I can be relentless in persevering and not be afraid to face the odds.

Final words:

The process of transmutation is a source of power and leads to transformation – the old behaviour dies.

Or in other words it is really changed. Something that is harmful is in the end transformed to something beneficial…like the pearl inside the oyster. 🙂

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