How do I see intelligent cooperation (or lack of it) expressed in my life?

In response to my last post on intelligent cooperation, I received a few comments to the tune of “Well done!”, “Very clear!”, “Lovely article!”.

Thank you for those comments!

But where to from here for me? The question still stands: “Am I providing a clear lead in initiating intelligent cooperation in all areas of my life?”

I searched my feelings and the immediate answer was “No, I am not providing such a lead!” 🙁

But then it dawned on me that by admitting this, I had just taken my first step to cooperating intelligently – with mySelf!! LOL!

This is what IS! My truth!

And simultaneously, the same admission set the direction of WHERE I wanted to get to. And my departing point on this journey is a simple truth that I already have all I need with which to start!! 🙂

Firstly, I know that I am not alone on this journey. In fact, I know of at least another three males who are on the same path. And when we decided to facilitate this Quest for Maleness Workshop, not by one, not by two, not by three but by FOUR of us, we set the intent and the stage – that we have all we need right here and right now to get this “show” on the road! 🙂

Everything that we do for this Quest for Maleness Workshop is about cooperating with each other, with Elizabeth Schnugh and the Institute for the Study of Man and with you, the readers of this blog.

Secondly, I also know from experience of working with my friends at Radiant Life Technologies, that when the principle of intelligent cooperation is implemented in our relationships, in our business, with our technology and medicine, true magic always happens!

Let me share a practical example of how I see intelligent cooperation is implemented in the world of medicine. This is an excerpt I wrote about coMra therapy, about which healing therapy it is my purpose in this lifetime to share with as many people as will listen! 🙂 Here goes!! 🙂

coMra therapy represents a new and exciting step in the evolution of holistic medicine. The technological elements behind this breakthrough therapy were gradually discovered during the 20th Century – the intersection of the physics of light, sound, magnetic fields and the biology of living organisms.

But the ESSENCE of coMra therapy emerges from the concept of intelligent cooperation: How can we support the body’s ability to self-regenerate?

What do I mean by this?

A practical example of NOT cooperating with the body: In allopathic medicine, surgical or pharmaceutical manipulations aim to suppress symptoms or reverse certain processes in the body that are believed to cause the symptoms. Proven to be life-extending in emergency medicine, these methods however, in the long term, lead to escalating negative side-effects, disastrous damage to the body and growing dependency of an individual on the medical system.

Intelligent cooperation, on the other hand, means that instead of forcefully “fixing” a disease, we support the body so that it can heal itself – intelligently.

With coMra therapy we can directly provide diseased cells with energy, a healing message and a mechanical vibration so that the cells can rebuild their internal structure and regenerate collectively damaged tissues and organs.

In such a way we support the INDIVIDUAL to take responsibility for his or her own health; to cooperate intelligently with their OWN body!

So if intelligent cooperation is true for one area of life, then it must also be true for other areas.

How do you see intelligent cooperation (or lack of it) expressed in your life?

Arzhan Surazakov
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