What does mapping out the unknown mean in practical terms?

When I was leaving a town in Chile that I had visited for business over the weekend recently, in my haste to get back on the road, I received a traffic violation!!! “official“ took my driver’s license away!!!!

The official advised me that I needed to present myself to my local authorities to pay the fine on the date prescribed on the ticket I received – and from there I will be able to receive my license back from them! In the meantime the ticket would function as a temporary license.

So what does mapping out the unknown mean in practical terms? 🙂

Well there are some that might say that given that this is the unknown or undefined it could mean just about anything we choose it to be! 🙂

For me, this concept signifies being willing to
1st of all stay open to different possibilities,
2nd to explore these possibilities, and
3rd whilst exploring these possibilities being prepared to learn from my miss-takes, so that I can make practical use of the knowledge gained from these experiences – and therefore to start incorporating that which I had little or no knowledge of before, into my daily life, where necessary.

Back to my traffic violation. When arriving at my local authorities on the required date, I was informed by them that I needed to have arrived at least one week BEFORE the appointed date – to START the process of requesting my driver’s license be transferred from the state where I incurred the fine!!

Two contradicting options for me – Grrrrr and 🙂 – this is a new process for me. I am very much in the unknown!

When I was discussing/questioning the lady at the local magistrates office, I noticed my form of expression was becoming quite heated, (ha!), nevertheless I persisted – but assured the lady I was not doubting or questioning her word, rather I was just trying to understand and gain some clarity as to what my options were, other than having to return to the state where I incurred the speeding violation.

So I am continuing to explore what my options are in this process so that I may gain new knowledge for myself, instead of defaulting to blaming the system. 🙂

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