Attention must indeed be developed, for in un-evolved man the attention is very weak, and therefore is his awareness also poor. Because attention is an act of will we have commands like, “Pay attention.”

But to pay attention implies being wide-awake, being present in the NOW. We cannot pay attention when we are half asleep, or when we are either in the future or in the past, or when we are caught up in the mind.

The most powerful technique for developing attention is the art of listening.

When first introduced to this concept, I found the topic to be quite abstract! Now, the more that I work with this it, the more I am able to increase my awareness, to listen better – and also to pay attention more effectively!!

This has had benefits in my work, as it has helped me with my potential clients by being more in tune with their needs and requirements, as opposed to trying to sell them something they don’t need. As a result of this I am also becoming more aware and attentive to my own doings and behaviour patterns.

I find when preparing dinner for my dogs, and for myself, that by being aware where I place my attention has helped me in the way I prepare the food – rather than just making the food to get the job done!!

From using this approach, slowly I am changing my way of operating in the kitchen from having been a messy person in the kitchen to being a lot more care-full in my actions. 🙂

Georg Beining
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