I am overjoyed and honoured to be sharing about my experience with the Mysteries of the Female course and the effect that this course and the other ISM courses have had on my life.

Why did I attend the Mysteries of the Female course in the past – and why do I want to attend a practical workshop now?

Because I want to make this journey my own, make it about myself.

I am a woman, so what a magnificent way to learn about myself in this life – a very specialised workshop about what it means to be a true female.

I still see so much responsibility dumped onto men about how they should be and how they need to change. Sure, men have their own learning to do and they want us to change too, but I had had enough and still have had enough of what I see as:

  • making them solely responsible and
  • battling this out about who needs to change first.

Wanting the males to change isn’t going to help me in MY learning!!

Going to a course that focuses on learning about myself as a Female propels me forward. I feel stronger and value myself more than I ever have in my life.

I can see this clearly reflected in my relationships with men, particularly my husband.

At first, I didn’t even know what being a true female meant, and I’m still learning what it means. One thing I had to see and learn about first was how I’m not living like a true female and what I’m doing instead mothering all and sundry!!

It is a crucial element to acknowledge myself in this respect and to understand and know what this means, if I want to feel empowered as a woman.

I can’t simply demand that this is handed to me.

This is my work for myself…

Avril Murrin
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