I just love this following process of creation!

It entails my relying on my own inner warmth and it unfolds like a “pregnant pause stage” until I give birth to the new!

In the previous post I shared about the W.E.L.L. or:


Enjoy, experiment, explore



Now I’d like to describe the process of how I call forth CREATIVITY.

After I had practiced the W.E.L.L. part for some time, quite naturally I arrived at the part of: D.O.N.E. 🙂 or:

Deal with the known first

Open to the unknown


Execute, test in practice

Let’s look at these in detail:-

Deal with the known first – with the clarity I have in the moment.

Here I look for the facts first, do my research – then I look for the interrelationships and correspondences. For example, in this article I looked into the relationship of words and letters in order to convey the meaning of the creative movement that I am presenting.

The important thing for me, however, is NOT to jump first to a solution, but rather to look at what I do not doubt – that is, what I know. Then I take the next step.

Open myself to the unknown: feeling is my guide here.

By feeling here, I mean the inner innate ability of everyone to participate openly in all of life freely without the restraints imposed by logical assumption. In other words – I listen to my gut feel and let it guide me.

The feeling is, by the way, an act of sober deduction, so there is a quality of guiding and containment in it. The important thing at this stage for me is to WAIT for the “aha” moment and not to rush or let my logical mind hi-jack the process!!

In the W.E.L.L. stage I have in actual fact prepared for this stage, so now I flow with it. And after some time my new idea, all of a sudden – the “aha” moment – is conceived! 🙂

Nurture: now I nurture what I have conceived and dream about possibilities for it.

I am shaping the future for it and I let it grow within me. I just love this process. I rely on my warmth here. It is like a pregnant suspense stage until the birth of the new shaped idea finally is born!

Execute, test in practice: now is the time to let it go and test it.

I rely on my strength here because I never know what will happen next, but whatever happens this cannot get me down because I am actually developing REAL self-confidence by NOT letting myself be hooked to the approval of others.

So that is why this is: W.E.L.L. D.O.N.E., Onnik! 🙂

It is a simple process, and yet, a most enriching one for me!

Onnik Merdinyan
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