Last week I was traveling back to my home city. It was a long journey. I had not had enough sleep, I had high fever, I was dizzy – and irritable too!

At the airport in Vienna, the first stop of my long journey home, an old lady approached me on hearing me speak her native language.

She was a little distressed and unsure as she had not been traveling for a long time. I saw that her NEED was to be comforted, and so disregarded my WANT to be left alone.

We started to talk and became friendly. I was with her during the next leg of my journey and at our next stop I also asked her to accompany me in the taxi to the central bus station.

In the bus station I also helped her to purchase her ticket as this process turned out to be far from straight forward!! The ticket vendors were far from helpful and had told her that she needed to wait 9 hours for the next bus (it was nearly midnight)!!

The lady became distressed again as she wanted to be with her family and not be made to wait during the night at a desolate bus station?

Whilst this was happening, I had seen a second desk representing a second bus company and so I led the lady there so she could purchase a ticket – for a bus that was leaving within 20 minutes!

She smiled at me relieved and thanked me sincerely!

In that moment my fever lifted, my head became clear and I enjoyed breathing again! I was truly inspired!

“So what has this got to do with true thinking?” you may be asking.

Perhaps it will come as surprise that in fact we RARELY think in the true sense of the word!!

What we call “thinking” is in fact the workings of the rational mind; what we should really be calling computing or calculating.

The rational mind, our inbuilt bio-computer, is but a tiny portion of the True Mind we have. It busies itself with interpretations of what is happening, and those interpretations are according to what information is stored in it.

It is still a very valuable asset – but ONLY for sorting out the practical stuff!

It has zero value in terms of relationships.

And yet, sadly, our current civilisation is ruled from the rational mind – with all its petty opinions, likes and dislikes!

This is a rather sorry state to be in – and thank God this is only a phase we go through, although not a very pleasant one – and is best described as The Madness of the Dream!

Back to the True Mind – the True Mind DOES think in the true sense of the word when INSPIRED! True thinking does not take time! Those (in)famous aha moments are immediate!

So in fact TRUE thinking is in-deed inspiration!

When inspired there is then also direct and true action – a response to the process of life – and it is always inclusive.

True actions also call forth the True Mind.

But when it comes to the rational mind and its endless calculations, there is no true action in the sense that the action that it follows, always LIKES something as opposed to something else that it DISlikes – and thus suppresses it!

As a rule of a thumb, the True Mind responds to the real NEEDS – and the rational mind responds to the WANTS, just as in my example with the traveling lady above.

Onnik Merdinyan
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