We recently held our first workshop and what an amazing experience it was for us!

Earlier this year I started to explore more in depth what I felt I wanted to do for work. More precisely, what I wanted to unfold as far as the work that I am here to do at this time, my purpose. For me the covid-19 times brought a message that now was the time for me to start unfolding my purpose in a bigger way. With this, I was ready and inspired to go deeper into my explorations. It is essential for me in my life that I am living true to my purpose and on a path with a heart.

Through my explorations I was able to get to what feels like the core of what I want most of all, what I am here to do at this time, and then how to start creating it and doing this work in a practical way in my life and the lives of others. This work is focused on relationships and I have the great privilege of unfolding this new endeavour together with my husband Garrett. Our business is Navigating Relationships – For a Bonafide Life and our vision is “Learning to navigate your relationships provides opportunities to reconnect to the wonder and uniqueness of who you truly are”.

In exploring this work I certainly wasn’t surprised that this is what I most want to do. Since 2010 together with Garrett we have been investing in our relationship both as a couple and of course with ourselves as individuals. We were working with some tools before this time as well but 2010 was when we had the opportunity to begin attending relationships courses with the Institute for the Study of Man, or ISM. The more in depth exploration that these courses, and now also retreats, provide has given us experiential tools to use in our daily lives. Through this, we have gained a wealth of knowledge that has changed our lives in ways we never could have imagined. So what a privilege it is now to be able to share these tools with more people through our work with Navigating Relationships.

We recently held our first workshop and what an amazing experience it was for us. Sharing these tools and techniques with others and supporting them to experience them in their own lives makes my heart sing. Something else happened in the process of developing our workshop though that contributed to my heart singing. This started revealing itself through seeing the material that we have learned through ISM from the angle of presenting it, as well as having actual experiences of it in our lives. What this was for me was the unveiling of my expression of the material.

We needed to see for ourselves how we can convey the material to others. With this, we needed to bring our own expression both as individuals as well as a couple. We wanted to express why and how this material is important and then share our experiential knowledge by sharing actual experiences from our lives that makes the material practical. Conveying the reality, not only theory. In doing this, we were also claiming a great deal more of the difference it has made in our lives. I wouldn’t be able to present the material without this, as it has been my experience that has allowed me to undo or unlearn enough of my limiting beliefs from my social conditioning that I can now bring expression to it. I have been doing this in my life before bringing this endeavour to life, but the expression is now able to come through in a much bigger way. It is this that really makes my heart sing, as now I can bring this work to life.

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