Everyone knows how good it is to converse with a like-minded individual. I had the pleasure this past while to do just that. 🙂

I found myself appreciating this interaction immensely, especially as I meet with my closest friends and family in one physical space only a few times during a year, so I really miss this kind of close communication.

This conversation I had was with a man who is quite committed in learning about the Self. The ’theme’ of our conversation was “perception” and our conversation was quite dynamic and intense.

The interesting thing for me was that both of us were flowing with and showing quite good skill in handling our emotions!

I experienced how the moment we came onto the same page the whole dynamic would change, and then we would find each other again on a different page – so dynamic balance was required.

The good thing too was that we were not hooked onto “mind understanding”, since every mind understanding depends on its own frame of reference, but we were both aiming for clarity, from moment to moment. 🙂

In all of this, working with and managing our anger was the theme of the challenge – and both of us were using our anger as FUEL, fuel to fight FOR clarity. Instead of fighting each others minds, our actions were gaining impact with every move, and with that I found that I was getting in touch with my purpose in a far deeper way. 🙂

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