Why is it the love of true friendship that will turn the world around?


Friendship is a relationship, and believe me, by FAR the most DIFFICULT of all relationships to build, for it does not have the convenient support mechanisms inherent within say, a marriage, or a business relationship, or even the relationship between a parent and child! This is precisely why most so-called friends tend to be nothing more than partners in crime!

True friendship is RARE.

Friendship is an act of the heart and, as such, it can never be bought, forced or won through manipulation. Friendship can only ever come from the heart; and in the final analysis the only COST of friendship is the UNWAVERING WILLINGNESS to BE that friend! Nothing else is required; not clever words, not clever jokes, and not clever games.

Most people dream about relationships made in heaven! LOL! But I can tell you from experience that the ones made in heaven NEVER last, because they never GO ANYWHERE!

I mean, what GROWTH, what LEARNING is there to be found in two little angels living in paradise and holding each other’s hands ever so lovingly? No! By far the MOST rewarding relationships are those that were forged in hell and which cause us to fight, fight, FIGHT, not ONLY for survival, but also for the relationship!

I guess it has something to do with our HU-MAN condition! When I have had to FIGHT for something, no matter whether it is a career, a job, a house, a relationship, a FRIENDSHIP, it MEANS more to me than anything that has just been plopped into my lap! Why should this be so? Simply because when I finally have reached whatever I fought for I KNOW that I have EARNED it and that I DESERVE it! 🙂

And when I don’t get what I fought for I walk away KNOWING that it was NOT MEANT for me, but my heart still sings, for I KNOW that I gave the battle my ALL! 🙂


Théun, am I correct in my thinking that friendship is an act of the heart, and therefore we cannot think about friendship in the same way as we think about a business contract, or about buying a house or a car?


Yes, my friend, you are quite correct. How will you measure true friendship in terms of what you THINK about friendship? If you wish to have only those relationships which measure up to your thinking, your preconceived ideas and your prejudices surrounding friendship, you will most certainly have relationships, perhaps even a great many! But you will never know the meaning of true friendship; you will never know the meaning of unconditional love in action.

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