Freeing My Expression

Learning to navigate your relationships provides opportunities to reconnect to the wonder and uniqueness of who you truly…

To Marry or Not to Marry – the Challenges of Commitment

A convenient boy-girl-friend relationship cannot be left open-ended forever.

Working with Emotions

In all of this, working with and managing our anger was the theme of the challenge – and both of us were using our anger as…

Anger and Blame – Constructive?

I have a good feeling that I am able to laugh at myself under stressful situations and somehow all this experience brings…

Effortless Power

What did I do to get from expending untold energy to what is for me now an effortless pleasure?

Men Don’t Cry

We take action – a man cannot be impotent; we can find the harmony through conflict, confrontation.

I Don’t Know!

I am amazed to what lengths I go to maintain a self-image that "I know!" when in fact I KNOW I have no clue!

A Fresh Approach in Learning about Life

My natural curiosity and inquisitiveness in learning all about life is my constant drive.

Focus on the Positive

I am using the Rule "FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE" for some years already and I really have seen that it works and also how it…

The Far Reaching Effects of Feeling Guilty as a Parent

As parents, no matter what we do, we seem automatically to fall into a trap of feeling guilty about not doing a good enough…

“We Can’t Afford It!” Really?

Instead of looking at WHY I could "not afford" to travel to Greece, I started to look for HOW I could afford it!

The True Male is Gentle

At the same time as being firm, we also need to be warm and gentle. It is a delicate balance that needs daily care.

Monthly Cycle – A Period of Beauty and Wonder

I no longer dread the arrival of my monthly menstruation, but rather welcome it as MY opportunity to start afresh.

Is My Father Weak?

The better things seemed to be, the more emotionally evasive I became!! Why? Because it just had to be "too good to be…

Men – Victim or True Male?

I still see so much responsibility dumped onto men about how they should be and how they need to change...

Being a Tough Cookie Costs

I need to get there by using my feelings, listening to my heart - and not knowing quite what it is I need to be doing to get…

To Think or Not To Think…

What we call “thinking” is in fact the workings of the rational mind; what we should really be calling computing or…

Weak Father – Real or Pretense?

I grew up with a father who just loved to pretend he was weak! His favourite past time was to isolate himself...

Pay Attention!

Because attention is an act of will we have commands like, “Pay attention”. The most powerful technique for developing…

Winner? Or Loser?

Therefore, instead of becoming irritated, I should have been grateful and co-operative!


When I walk or sit, or whatever I do, I always sense my body and specifically what is/what feels ALIVE in my body – this is…

The Well of Being Creative

It entails my relying on my own inner warmth and it unfolds like a “pregnant pause stage” until I give birth to the new!

Fun – The Missing Link!

So how can I bring back the fun into the process of my learning and not see fun as just entertainment? How can I be…

Using Vulnerability to Stand Up for Myself

More than a year ago I made a decision to challenge myself to face my fear of exposing my vulnerable side with people.

What Does It Mean To Be Real?

Once I acknowledged the REALITY of my situation, I was then able to confront this fear within myself – and then to do…

Is Co-operating Intelligently a Step Forward?

And my departing point on this journey is a simple truth that I already have all I need with which to start!!

What Does It Mean To Be a True Male?

And this is the essence of the reality that lies beyond the face value of the above myth: Life is not and could never be a…

Felling Helpless and Out of Control Now?

And if I’m awake enough, I may register the moment I’m about to succumb to inertia – and reverse it!

Science vs Intelligence?

Being intelligent is a way of relating when each party can discriminate between what it NEEDS and what it should AVOID.

Does Opening Up To Friends Mean I Am Weak?

I did not panic, and decided to open up myself to my friends and to share how I really felt in that moment – without judging…

Power of Choice

Quite simply, everything that happens in me or around me is first of all because I perceive it.

How Can I Мake Lemonade Out of a Lemon?

Look how the little oyster transmutes the grain of sand that is irritating and transforms it in the end into a pearl.

Do You Trust Your Gut Feel?

Instead I chose to trust the process, to believe, even though at times I couldn't really figure out why I needed another…

Stuck in the Unknown Without a Map?

Some that might say that given that this is the unknown or undefined it could mean just about anything we choose it to be!…

Is There Purpose to Evolution?

The mere fact of evolution and it’s astonishing complexity points to a purpose and intelligence capable of making choices at…

So, I CAN change!

The two streams of evolution of the life forms, and what I consider the Self, are vastly different – but I found the…

Can the Words I Choose Be a Trap?

Being a trained litigator and a practicing lawyer, I come across the concept of words and their trap on a daily basis.

Catch Yourself Doing Something Right?

Start giving yourself and those around you credit for what you and they are doing right.

Does Conflict Actually Have a Purpose?

I did not submit to the conflict by externalising it, but held the tension and patiently waited while working with the…

Working with Théun Mares

Théun's firm belief was that the world did not need even more fighting and violence to meet the fighting that is……

Embarrassed By Your Masculinity?

What has happened to turn men into powerless asexual softies that are at the mercy of everyone and everything?!

True Friendship

Friendship is a relationship, and believe me, by FAR the most DIFFICULT of all relationships to build, for it does not have

Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

When I look around in the world today, it is with a deep sense of anguish that I still hear echoing in my ears the...

Tackling Fear

Fear can drive us forward to become bigger and better, wiser and more tolerant, more awake and therefore more responsive.

Guilt and Repentance

It is impossible to win the respect of others if you do not have SELF-RESPECT!

What is it to be a Child?

In this course I endeavour to show adults what it is to be a child.


How to approach separation in a mature way.

Sex or Intimacy?

Is sex wrong? How to approach it responsibly.

Rules of True Communication

Too many people live in worlds removed from those closest to them due to poor communication skills.

Troubled Relationships with Parents

You either CONFRONT him, or you choose to do nothing and let him go to pot completely.

Suppressing Emotions – What Does This Mean?

The differences between suppressing and stepping over an emotion highlighted.

Business Partnerships – What is my Motive?

Will this partnership really work? How can two people actually run the business? Will I end up doing all the work?

Marriage, Sex and Warmth

If the two people do not tango together, there is no way for their marriage to work.

How Can I Use my Rebel Constructively?

Inside each and every one of us is the instinct for survival, and therefore also the intuitive recognition of the need to…